What Are The 6 Different Types Of Bob Wigs?

What Are The 6 Different Types Of Bob Wigs?

The bob wigs are currently among the trendy wigs available today. They exist as either the long or short bob wig. Furthermore, the bob style can be worn during official and casual engagements. The size of the wig ensures that it looks more natural. Additionally, bob wigs' length usually ranges from 12 inches and below. The critical point to note is that several types of bob wigs are available. Below are six bob wig types.

The different types of bob wigs

1. 13*6 straight lace front bob wigs

The 13*6 straight lace front bob wig is a special wig to own. The wig's size is 13 inches across and six inches in the back; it also has human hair. It also has a nice texture and allows for breathability. It is available at $112.87 in the market. Additionally, the wig is pre-plucked. Therefore, offering a natural hairline.

2. 5*5 straight bob wigs

The 5*5 straight bob wig has a lace that is 5 inches across and 5 inches back. The wig's size ensures that you can part it as you wish. Additionally, the bob wig has straight hair. The best hair length for the 5*5 straight bob wig is 8 inches. It also allows you to curl the hair if you wish to. The 5*5 straight bob wig is available at around $79.37 in the market.

3. Water wave short bob wigs

The water wave short bob wig consists of hair that curls in one direction. The curls ensure that the wig appears to be voluminous. The bob wig is more natural-looking. Furthermore, it can be dyed to any color, depending on one's needs. In addition, you only need one pack to look incredible.

4. Headband short bob wig

The headband short bob wig comes with a headband. The headband is very fashionable. Furthermore, it ensures that you do not require to use any glue or clips to have the wig in place. Therefore, it is an excellent protective style. In addition, the bob wig is easy to wear and remove. Thus, you do not have to sleep with it. It can also be bleached.

5. Deep wave short bob wig

Many people confuse the water wave and deep wave wigs, but they are different. The deep wave wigs consist of human hair with more flatter curls than water waves. The deep wave curls are elegant and do not tangle easily. Its hair length ranges between 10 to 16 inches. Therefore, if you wish to get the bob wig, ensure that the length you pick falls under the 10 to 16-inch category.

6. Straight short bob wig with bangs

The straight short bob wigs with bangs are trendy. The bob wig has hair falling on one's forehead. The bangs ensure that you do not need to cut down your natural hair to attain the bangs. Furthermore, the bangs ensure that your bob wig looks more natural.


Bob wigs are versatile; thus, you can get whatever type you wish from the market. Additionally, the wigs offer one a natural appearance. Therefore, it makes it difficult for people to distinguish your natural hair from your wig. The above types are some of the most incredible-looking short bob wigs available.