Pet Loss

A Word About Pet Loss

I believe pets are an integral part of our lives. Their companionship and unconditional love are gifts unlike what we get from one another as human beings. The special place pets hold in our hearts can bring great joy, but also profound sorrow and distress when we lose a furry/feathered/scaly loved one to separation and/or death. All too often, well-meaning people negate the grief of pet loss. This leads to disenfranchised grief, or grief that is viewed as less than, and not publicly acknowledged and supported. Therefore many pet lovers grieve in isolation. My practice welcomes the opportunity to companion with you through the joys and sorrows of being a human to our animal companions, including the difficult decisions pet owners face when a pet is ill.

The human-animal bond has been shown to be profoundly therapeutic. There are times that a dog and/or cat may be present in the office, but this will be based on client comfort level.



Simon says, "Don't suffer with your grief alone.
My human can help you through a difficult time."


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